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Established in 1970, Flower City Printing, Inc. (FCP®) has grown to become one of the biggest graphic service providers in North America. With over 350,000 square feet of production space, and an incredible array of printing and finishing technologies available, FCP® has become the supplier of choice for several Fortune 500 companies. Today FCP® and its affiliates have grown to more than $68,000,000 in annual sales with about 300 employees and regional sales offices across the country. George Scharr is majority owner of FCP® and its parent company, Flower City Group.

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Located in Rochester, N.Y., FCP® was founded by Wayne Scheible, his father George Scheible, his uncle Fred Breitung, Timothy Welch, and William Oliveri. The initial concept was to start a small, high quality printing business by targeting consumer oriented manufacturing companies in Upstate New York. The company transitioned from a trade-like shop to a commercial printer in just six months time.

In 1991, when a client needed litho labels printed, the company purchased its first large-format press, a 55" Planeta, which paved its way into the large-format segment.

FCP old Dewey Ave location

"Many large-format printers at the time were downsizing to grasp a lot of the technology that was available specifically on 40" and smaller presses, such as automatic make-ready stations," recalls Bill Oliveri. "But our decision gave us a really nice window into the large-format arena."

Large-format printing proved to be the right move. Success in the large-format market, particularly retail, led to the purchase of two 64" presses between 1995 and 1998. To accommodate the additional growth, the company moved its headquarters and manufacturing operations to its present 135,000 square foot location in 1998. Additional expansions have since increased operation size to 375,000 square feet in three locations, on a total of 35 acres of land.

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FCP® and its affiliates continue to invest in new space and equipment, adding both offset and flexo presses, plus a variety of peripheral and support assets, including digital asset management systems. All three manufacturing facilities are tied together with an in-house developed scheduling system.

FCP® and its affiliates now serves not just a national audience, but also an international list of customers in Canada, Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, India) and in Central America (Honduras, El Salvador, and the Dominican Republic).

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Green Initiatives

All companies operate with various effects to the overall environment. Flower City Printing is no exception. FCP®'s interaction with its vendors, suppliers, and employees – and also from the operation of its internal processes, procedures, and equipment – can have major implications for the environment.

FCP Green Initiatives Paper Recycling

Flower City Printing strives to minimize waste and make responsible decisions when recycling or reuse is not an option. FCP® provides its employees with reasonable options to make environmentally conscious decisions during their workday in an effort to help preserve our planet. An average of 95.5% of our waste is diverted from landfills each month and aim to continue improving this figure!

FCP Green Initiatives Ink

FCP® has a range of green initiatives in place throughout our facilities:

  • FSC®/SFI®/PEFC™ Chain-of-Custody Certifications
  • Energy Efficient Lighting in manufacturing and office areas
  • An electronic scheduling system that reduces paper use and can make real-time updates to scheduling
  • A Solvent Recycling System that recovers 95% of used press wash and reuse and eliminates solvent disposal into the environment
  • Paper, boxboard, corrugate, etc. waste is segregated, baled, and sent to a recycling company – we recover and recycle over 200 tons of material monthly!
  • Ink Pumping Stations pump process colors directly to our presses from recyclable bladders, eliminating waste from non-recyclable metal ink containers
  • Large-format coating blankets are cut down for reuse on smaller presses
  • Our thINK green ink recycling program allows us to remix excess special color inks into new colors
  • Alcohol-free press solutions and vegetable oil-based inks
  • NYDEC Air Quality Certification

Chain-of-Custody Certificate Numbers:

Chain-of-Custody certification claims apply to paper products produced by Flower City Printing, Inc. and Carta USA.

Quality Standards

Our mission is to deliver products at their top quality. We are a G7 Qualified Master Printer and have GMI Certification. We are committed to providing our customers with premium print.

Flower City Printing operates under Lean Six Sigma principles and our Quality manager is a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, to ensure we are operating at our best across the board. We perform documented quality procedures at every stage of production, meaning all eyes are on your job.

FCP High Quality Standards